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Substantial Gains

Exceptional free Improvements

280 m2
Main street widen 

Extra Parking Spaces

New Entrance Gates

New advanced Street Lights

New gardening

Street Furniture


We are the land owners of phases III and IV in LOS PINOS DE ALOHA GOLF residential complex in Marbella. Our company WHITE PEAK PROPERTIES, S.L (subsidiary of VASARI GROUP) has recently obtained the Building License for the first phase (see file attached with number 33291/2022 dated November 27, 2023). 

VASARI group has developed multiple residential high quality projects in Marbella and Estepona in the last few years.  Among others  LA ALZAMBRA-VASARI Urbanization - ALTOS DE PUENTE ROMANO Villas - VASARI LOS OLIVOS Villas - EL SEÑORIO DE VASARI  Apartments - LOS OLIVOS DEL PARAISO Villas - LOMAS DEL VIRREY Villas.


At LOS PINOS DE ALOHA GOLF we intend to build 40 high-quality apartments. They will be built in two phases, the first in two blocks of 8 apartments each in the area that borders phase V belonging to Les Roches and 3 additional blocks to be built in a second phase in the rest of the plot. We have experienced  that improving the quality and aesthetics of the environment of the developments results in greater security and a better quality of life for the owners, also producing a very significant revaluation of all the surrounding properties.



The seven phases that make up the urbanization share a common area of ​​20,000 m2 in which the common roads are located (inner road 1 and 2) and an external road that is public and that connects the two interior roads called "viales" (see the plan with the details of the "viales" below).

The five phases that are currently built are organized into five different communities of owners that regulate the interior services of each of them. Every community has its own organization (president, administrator, etc) 


To date no entity has been created yet to carry out the maintenance and services of these common spaces in all phases. Currently these services (lighting, surveillance, maintenance, etc) are being provided by the communities based on specific agreements. This causes the services to be deficient and poorly coordinated. The logical and correct thing would be to constitute a MACRO-COMMUNITY in which the participants are the seven phases depending on the percentage of buildability of each of them.

Furthermore, the common services of the urbanization (lighting, surveillance, maintenance, etc) are poorly organized because since there is no entity that brings together all the phases, each one of them independently takes charge of a part of these services, so they are poorly synchronized.

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Captura de pantalla 2023-12-20 a las 15.50.52.png


From our experience in other developments we have verified that improving the quality and aesthetics of the urbanizations results in greater security and a better quality of life for the owner and produces a very significant revaluation of all property prices.


LOS PINOS DE ALOHA GOLF is located in a privileged area - Nueva Andalucía - next to the Aloha Golf Course and the Aloha International School. However the current state of the urbanization is quite poor: the roads are very deteriorated, the lighting is poor, the parking areas are very disorganized, the aesthetic elements require an update (entrance arches, transformer, etc) and some areas have plenty of trees and others luck them.

Aloha_Calle_actual copia.jpg
Pinos Aloha composición calle.jpg

You can download here the plans for the renovation and improvement of the access arches and interior road and infographic 3D of how the implementation of the entire urbanization would look like.​

Propuesta mejora URB. PINOS ALOHA.png

This proposal to reform the urbanization would be paid and executed entirely by the VASARI group as a higher cost of execution of our imminent project in phases III and IV. Its execution would  considerably improve the aesthetics of the complex and improve the functionality of the parking, the lighting of the urbanization, the security perimeter, etc.


Our company also wants to give free of charge to the Macro-Community a strip of land on which a sidewalk and planters will be built and a line of new parking lots will be created. With the proposal, 20 more parking spaces are achieved than those currently existing. Currently there are 63 spaces (including 6 spaces that are after the security checkpoint). We have eliminated these 6 spaces in our proposal to make that entrance more beautiful and clear. Planters have been made to separate the parking groups, which beautify and better organize the cars. Our development will have underground parking, so our future buyers will not use street parking practically at all.


Apart from the planters between the parking lot a linear planter attached to the sidewalk of the houses in phase V (Les Roches) is proposed. This planter narrows the road a little in that area, but it is still 5 meters so that 2 cars can fit in both directions. This planter allows us to place a row of trees, low hedges and street lamps within it and will improve the aesthetics of the access to the houses of phase V (Les Roches). Currently you can only see a fence without any trees and its appearance is quite poor. On the opposite sidewalk next to the entrances to the garages in phase VII, some trees will be placed, so that part of the road will have trees on both sides.


Twenty-five streetlights (all the same) will be placed along the main road, which will improve the aesthetics and lighting of the urbanization. In the planters, a spotlight will be placed on each tree, so at night the effect will be very beautiful.

We also propose updating and improving the arches of the two main entrances. The roofs will be removed and the arch in its vertical part will be covered with travertine marble. We will also install a new entrance door (one of them with a pedestrian entrance) with a more beautiful and modern design. You see here an infographic of this area so that you can see the effect of improvement in the entries).​​​​​

The security cameras will be placed on the same poles as the new streetlights. Our security company is studying the best connection of the cameras of the different phases to optimize the system.


We will pave this entire road and it will be repainted based on the new internal traffic regulations. We will also pave the exterior public road.


As soon as they study the proposal and we all agree, we would ask the City Council for the relevant license to cover this work and the removal of some trees (especially at the entrance).


This work could easily be undertaken by our company before Summer 2024 and its estimated duration would be three months.

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